The BLT-49 Specs!

Balloon: 1600 gr with Helium donated by PRAXAIR!

APRS: 144.390Mhz - KE5GDB-11 and KG5FQX-11
Track via Google Maps APRS (

NEW Payload is a KE5GDB DMR Repeater on 446.5 MHz Up / 441.000 Down
(Color Code 1, Timeslot 1, Talkgroup 99 - Standard DMR Simplex settings)

Crossband FM Repeater on 446.000 Up / 147.435 Down
Live DVB-T Digital ATV on 434 MHz
360-degree down camera
360-degree up Balloon Burst Video Camera
Two GoPro's
N5RPQ 50 mW Smart Beacon sending temp in CW on 28.322 MHz
AB5SS WSPR beacon on 20M

It's been 168 years since the BLT-49'ers found GOLD at the Edge of Space!

And then there was the attack on Venice, but we learn, and we change...

It's TIME to set the record Straight!

Were YOU There on September 30th?!?
We Were!