Here are some photos from the January 18, 2012, Construction Meeting.

BLT-28 FAA Coordinator Kirk KK2Z and Payload Master John AB5SS check The Winds for the flight.

Helium King Charlie K5ENG checks out the 2000 gram Chinese balloon. This thing has a huge nozzle - 3 inches diameter!

BIG boxes! BIG (expensive) balloons! Our primary balloon will be the 2000 gram version, while the 1600 gram balloon will be the back-up, but may serve as the primary balloon for BLT-29 in August.

Payload Master Thomas KT5TK has all of the parts ready to go for an ultra-lightweight APRS payload. Extra regulators, bolts and components will be eliminated in the final flight payload.

Charlie and Thomas discuss the +/- 5 gram tolerance needed for filling the balloon while Payload Coordinator Mike WA5TWT listens in. This is going to be Quite a Challenge!

Here is the flight prototype. All extra parts have got to go! The simplicity is deceiving. The unit has been programmed to change frequencies and even the main callsign (if necessary) depending on global location. Thomas Has Been Busy!

High Coordinator Andy W5ACM shows off the display on his Kenwood TH-D72 while receiving APRS packets from KT5TK-11.

Thomas explains some of the power requirements to Mike. Can we make it last all the way to China???

It's Only Software! John takes a moment to pose for a photo during this INTENSE meeting!

Launch happens at 3PM on February 11, 2012, from the No Label Brewery in Katy, Texas!!! We'll be THERE!!!