June 18, 2011 - HQRP Field Day Site Visit

HQRP has had only ONE indoor meeting this year. Why change that? We decided to meet at the 2011 HQRP/BLT Field Day site at the Sparks' Ranch just south of Brookshire Texas at the end of Church Road. It was a great idea! We got to check out everything up front and personal. Andy W5ACM and Gary N5NZ worked on the tri-band Yagi while the rest of the crew investigated the operating postitions. This area will be used for PSK-31 and CW HF operations.

Ron AG5RS and Fred WA5BUC admire the not-so-good state of the air-conditioning unit on the Scamp. This must change... The Scamp is slated for 40M CW ops.

Wires in the trees! This looks like the feedpoint for the not-yet-installed GIANT horizontal loop we intend to use for 40M.

Thomas! Don't Move! Thomas KT5TK and Tom K5SAF check out the not-so-mobile 20M vertical on Thomas' Previa. This could be interesting. The antenna works REALLY well, right where it is, on top of the car!

Here is a close-up of the Previa plate. Just don't go too far while the 20M vertical is up!

Inside the car, Thomas has it rigged for PSK-31. He even has an antenna tuner. Tweak the Antenna Thomas! Non-resonant antennas are evil.

Yes, this is an operating position. Fred and his assistants will sweat it out by, and in, the pool for 6M and 2M work...

OK. Let's see... What did we forget? Sunscreen? Food? Radios? Never! We are READY!

Here we go again! Thomas and A.C. W5EZM adjourn to No Label Brewery in Katy after the site visit! Yes, the brew was excellent. It was just us and 270 of our closest friends. Come join us for Field Day 2011 at the Sparks' Ranch!