October 16, 2010 - ARCI FALL QSO PARTY!

We always complain about Field Day in June. It's Hot down here! So, we picked a FALL date for a Club Event - It Was GREAT! We couldn't have asked for better WX!

Our host Ron AG5RS and Ed N5EM get things started on 40M. No Bugs. No Rain. No Problems!

Ed is getting Serious... The FT-817 and his curious giant loop are doing VERY well. I think Ed worked everyone that was in the contest and on the band.

Randy KA5IIA came out with an array of new homebrew verticals. He was interested in the higher frequencies, and set up for 15M and 10M.

Yes, it was a QRP event, but Randy insisted on a BIG, HEAVY Rig! Did it work well? You bet! Cranking it back to 5W was not a problem. I am glad that he did... His initial tune up desensed everything...

Oh No! Ron and Ed are taking a BREAK! How can we WIN the contest this way!?!

Andy W5ACM is on 20M with his FT-817. He, of course, brought along the canopy chair from W5EZM and wore his Yaesu hat!

Tune them in! Make those Q's! Tear them up! Warm up the Ionosphere! Don't be Green, be Lethal! QRP Uber Alles!

Ah! We are approaching the end of our outing. Randy is rolling up his guy lines while comparing notes with Ron. Andy and Ron were out earlier with Andy's metal detector looking for Alien Artifacts. They didn't find any, but managed to clear some areas for future HQRP events.

Is that a BEER I see? Can you get serious about a QRP Contest and have BEER at 9AM??? You Bet!! Our next event could be FYBO 2011. In the meantime we will need to review photos and results from all of the great events of 2010! Look for a REAL Club Meeting in November!!