February 6, 2010 - FYBO!

It's Getting COLD Out Here!

It was a Beautiful day at Tom Bass Park III on the northern side of Pearland, Texas. The only problem that we had was the COLD! We had at least seven HQRP members in attendance. A good time was had by all.

Craig WD5BDX checks out one of the anchor lines for our antennas. "Should it be this tight?"

This is no joke. It really is COLD outside! Ed N5EM shows his STUFF.

Henry W5HNS looks on while Randy KA5IIA gets things going on the lower bands.

Randy brought an INDEX LABS rig, and all of the accessories.

Here's Randy with his solar-panel set-up. It did REALLY well for the event!

Here's a look at the power-control system that Randy had for the solar/battery system.

Yes, there are photos of Andy W5ACM! In fact, a large number of photos this month come from Fred WA5BUC. Thanks Fred!

Ken N5EBD and Craig pose for a photo, but are wondering just how long it will take to get this Pic?!? Ken has a wager with Craig concerning Who Will Win the Race?!? WHAT Race? You will see.. Scroll down...

The Race Is On!!

We kept constant tabs on the outdoor temperature. It had certainly warmed up by this time!

Ah! Things to come! Hopefully Ken will have his Tut80 completed by the April meeting! Andy W5ACM has already made a number of contacts with his 80M AzQRPions Tut80 QRP transceiver.

Don't miss our next HQRP event (ARCI Grid Square Sprint 2010 - March 13, 2010) at Tom Bass Park III in Pearland!