January 2, 2010 - To The Field!

Here We Go With MosQRPitos 2010!

It wasn't quite as warm this year as in 2009 for the Pet Rock Sprint, but a good time was had by those that came out. These photos were taken by Randy KA5IIA. Scott from HPD watches as Henry W5HNS and Fred WA5BUC make some rockbound contacts with encouragement from Ed N5EM.

Fred brought a Rockmite and Ed had his Micro Mountaineer. I guess they have the lids open to keep the POWER AMPS cool!!!

The radios were really up to the test this year - a super improvement, and an education on rockbound QRP.

"I've never gotten a ticket for being too fast on CW before!" Henry takes the photo. Fred signs the ticket...

Yes, it was quite a group at the park. Michael W2CVZ and Mark AD5SS dropped in to check out the operation.

It's a cool-looking box for Ed's Micro Mountaineer.

Here's a look inside of Ed's freshly finished rock-bound QRP rig. Nice!

Don't miss our next HQRP event (FYBO 2010 - February 6th) at Tom Bass Park III in Pearland!