April 23, 2011 - QRP To The Field!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day at Ray Miller Park off Eldridge in west Houston! Ed N5EM gets things started with his 40M antenna-matching system.

Randy AB5V strings out multiple 5/8 verticals for 10M and 15M.

We have a visitor! That's Laurent W0MM on the left of Ed. Laurent took several videos that we will be posting soon. Welcome!

Ed watches while Andy W5ACM makes some contacts on 20M. Ed's noise-cancelling gear worked so well that Andy shut down his 20M FT-817 and ran the coax over to Ed's radio.

Here is a close-up of Fred's WA5BUC antenna tuner. Fred used it on 15M.

This is a view of Fred's FT-817 station with straight key and battery.

Randy is on the offensive with his Index Labs rig on 10M.

Randy and Fred are getting Serious! Well, sort-of serious. The WX was so FB that we really were having just a fine time at the park!

Here is a view of Andy's FT-817 and Sidewinder key before it was shut down and moved to Ed's position. The QRN was LUGUBRIOUS!

Henry W5HNS was operating from home - just a BIT to the west - San Antonio! The red bag contains his PF3 - good for 18 QSOs on 20M.

Henry set up an excellent radial system from the OUTBACK - the Back Yard. Why not? It was a valid category for this QRPTTF.

Henry's K2 was used exclusively for two W5MSQ contacts via 40L and 40H. Good job Henry!

Wait a minute! That's not Ray Miller Park! That looks a lot like No Label Brewery in Katy! Thomas KT5TK and A.C. W5EZM skipped the HQRP event and went directly to the BEER!! Can you find Astrid in the photo??

Don't miss our next HQRP May Meeting! Yes, we really are going to have a MEETING in May! Field Day is coming!